Coming Full Circle

After reading about a Tiny Desk Concert Contest on NPR, Mikel and I thought it was time.

We had already played a special Valentine's Day Concert bringing together some of our favorite musicians for a show at Baltimore's Creative Alliance, and felt it was liberating and fun. I especially enjoyed not wearing a tutu and talking about adult things with the audience. It was just a matter of time. 

A month or so ago I discovered old 2" tapes from the very first Love Riot session we did with Eric Ambel and remembered some of the great songs on there. I felt this incredible need to save the music before the tapes disintegrated, so I talked to my producer friend Victor Giordano. "Gotta get 'em baked," he said. "Baked?! what's that?" I asked, wherein he gave me a quick tutorial and told me to drive out to Frederick, MD and get the tapes baked at SoundSaver. Then he can transfer them to ProTools and remix as necessary. We could even add things to the songs. This was exciting. Muscle was a cassette-only release - there are no CDs of it. 

The songs from Muscle have been safely transferred to ProTools, Mikel and I are a writing new songs and revisiting the old Love Riot catalog, and we filmed a video to enter the Tiny Desk Concert Contest.

Milkshake still continues - we so love to play for the kids. It keeps us young and in touch. But we're both excited to write love songs again. Life is good.